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Svedbro Smide 136 'Tove' Wrecking Bar 36" / 910mm

Svedbro Smide 136 'Tove' Wrecking Bar 36" / 910mm

SKU: 364215376135191

Hand forged by Swedish craftsman the Svedbro 'Tove' Wrecking Bar is made from specially alloyed steel and measuring in at 910mm this wrecking bar is more than a match for your daily needs.


Hand forging the wrecking bar results in a more durable product when compared to pressed bars.  Part of the improved performance is due to the craftsmans ability to temper the bar to give it a sprung property.  It is this sprung property that allows the wrecking bar to stand up to the extreme loads that would deform or break pressed bars.


Both ends of the wrecking bar are thinly ground to have wide polished tips for ease of insertion during use.  The nail claw has the classic V shape at a 90 degree angle so that it can be used even up against walls or ceilings.


The shaft has been forged into an octagonal shape to provide users with a firmer grip than more rounded handles.



    Svedbro Smide 136 'Tove' Wrecking Bar 36" / 910mm


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